Metal Service Center

DIMCO provides our customers with the products and services they need to make their products or repair their equipment.

Stock, Processing

We Have All The Metal

we stock a variety of products in the following categories

  • hot rolled bars, structurals, sheets and plates
  • cold rolled bars and sheets
  • structural and pressure tested pipe
  • round tubing
  • concrete reinforcing bars

Metal Recycling

We Aim To Serve

at dimco. we strive to provide our customers with fair pricing and the proper equipment to safely and quickly handle their scrap metal needs.

  • we have small containers ranging from 1/4 yard through 2 yards available so you can accumulate production or maintenance scrap. if you need a different size, we will make sure to provide you with a container that fits your requirements.
  • if you need several trailers or large containers to segregate .....

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About DeKalb Iron And Metal Co.

DeKalb Iron & Metal Co. is founded upon a rich history dating back to the early 1900's. This deep-rooted history is still prevalent in the level of customer service and craftsmanship found at DIMCO today.

In 1918, Michael Mabel, a 20-year old immigrant peddler was traveling by train to Chicago. As the train pulled into DeKalb, Mike saw the bustling landscape of the local industries present in the community. A block from the station, he found a small scrap yard that was established by two WWI vets only a year earlier. He negotiated a price for the fledgling operation, and on July 1, 1918, DeKalb Iron & Coal was born.

Mike made the business a successful operation by providing superior service at a fair price. As the name implies, the company handled coal in addition to scrap iron and metals. During the Depression, some of his customers could not pay him for the coal they needed to heat their homes. Mike understood the desolate situation of his customers and delivered coal anyway. His dedication and level of service were rewarded with strong customer loyalty.


Code of Conduct

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) represents both small and large scrap recycling business worldwide. ISRI members (Members) are critical partners in the manufacturing of chain, unparalleled collaborators in the initiative towards sustainability, and economic drivers for local communities and the global economy. ISRI’s goal is to maintain an ethical, safe, professional, and environmentally responsible climate to assure the continued public and business confidence in the scrap recycling industry. Therefore, ISRI recommends that members adopt this Code of Conduct (Code) to guide and govern their operations. The standards set forth in the Code are not new, but rather, they reflect the commitment to professionalism and community service to which ISRI Members have long adhered, and they serve as a renewed promise that ISRI Members will continue to embody these ideals as their leadership role in local and global commerce continues to grow. Ultimately, this Code is designed to assist Members in acting responsibly, ethically, and in a manner that fosters the highest level of professionalism in the provision of recycling services.